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While social media platforms have made it possible for eager fans to connect with their favourite celebrities, there’s always that fear of trolls ruining the experience.

Superstar Humayun Saeed was recently on the receiving end of one such smart ass but we’ve got to say he handled the situation so well we have been compelled to write about it. So here’s what happened.

Humayun posted a shout-out for upcoming movie 7 Din Mohabbat In on Instagram. Here, check it out:


Someone though saw something entirely different than the rest of us and commented on the post: “Ghareebon ka Shah Rukh Khan [Poor man’s Shah Rukh Khan]”. Humayun – who we know has a fantastic sense of humour – didn’t take offense and actually responded to the troll. His comeback?


Aap log ghareeb nahi hain yaaaar [You guys aren’t poor]”

Ooofff… That’s some major burn right there!!