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Very few nations are as lucky as Pakistan to have a treasure trove of visual culture that is filled with a uniqueness that can’t be found anywhere else. After all, where in the world would have found shows like Ainak Wala Jinn and Tanhaiyan running at the same time? Or who could imagine the 90s without Neelam Ghar running on every television set? Reminding us exactly about the bygone days is ‘Hum Nay Suna Hum Nay Dekha’.

Published by Markings, Khudi – with brilliant illustrations by Farrukh A. Ahmad, Zainab Marvi, and Farhan Surani – the first volume of the book showcases Pakistan’s rich media heritage, which includes everything from Uncle Urfi to Waheed Murad’s Armaan.

While Hum Nay Suna Hum Nay Dekha is enough to send anyone on a nostalgia trip, we cannot get over the creativity in some of the images. Pop art to classic posters, you’ll end up asking Andy Warhol, who?

The publisher’s previous title ‘Choti Choti Khushiyan’ was also released this year.