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Hassan Sheheryar Yasin just announced that he would be hosting a solo show in Karachi in December and that got us really intrigued! We know that the designer won’t be showing at the PFDC L’Oreal Bridal Week this, which is quite a shock since he’s been a vital part of the fashion week process. But the idea of a high-end couture show at the HSY Mansion in Karachi, followed by a swanky party sort of made up for it.

We got in touch with the high-octane designer to ask why he had decided to go solo this time, that too in Karachi…

Here is what HSY had to say:

So, Hassan, we’ve heard that you’re planning a solo fashion showcase this time and that too in Karachi. Why?

Hassan Sheheryar Yasin: HSY, the brand, has been at the forefront of doing solo shows. In fact, that was all we did prior to fashion weeks. That model changed once the fashion councils came along and I was, I am, in fact still the founding director of the Pakistan Fashion Design Council and we have always supported every council in their vision for fashion and the way it is presented. To that end, we showed only as part of the fashion weeks led by the councils and, to much success. However, some 9 years on I now believe the fashion week led model also has room for further growth and evolution, and is in fact a huge source of introducing newer and emerging labels to the country. For seasoned brands such as mine therefore, who started with solo shows, it is now time to come back full circle and  to go back to what truly is our essence, which is our own show. Doing our own show also is important; to be able to create a certain identity that is just ours. And people come up and experience that identity. Most importantly, we have the ability, the strength and we have the power to be able to do it.

Solo shows are a rising trend in Pakistan now…

HSY: Yes, there is a lot of talk about stand alone, brand owned solo shows but in fact the only truly independent solo show in Pakistan recently was Élan.

Even Shamaeel Ansari did a solo show just two days ago…

HSY: Indeed Shamaeel Ansari held her own show, which I might add was beautiful, as is her work. It was however still an FPW event.. Perhaps when I talk about a solo show, I mean we are just HSY, independent of any kind of other show or fashion week association.



Is there any specific reason to host the show in Karachi?

HSY: We have two locations in Lahore, and two locations in Karachi. We are not a Lahore-based designer or a Karachi-based designer, we are a Pakistani designer. We are choosing to show in Karachi this time because it makes business sense for us with our current presence there. Plus we embrace the charm and diversity of the city which really inspires our fashion at HSY.

But is there any particular reason you chose Karachi this time?

HSY: Karachi is a very important market to us as is Lahore, as is Islamabad, as is Peshawar, as is Multan, as is any city. But I can choose only one city at one time. I have done solo shows in Karachi before as well. Also I love Karachi very much – it’s now as much my home as Lahore is. And the people here have been very kind to my brand, so why not bring the show to Karachi first. I am actually in Karachi right now to support everyone at FPW.