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With the meandering tale of Hrithik Roshan and Kangana Ranaut’s alleged relationship getting a new angle every day, the spat has taken another turn yet again after Hrithik finally clarified his stance in a TV interview.

Speaking to Arnab Goswami, Hrithik finally talked about the whole situation after choosing to keep mum about the allegations, which had been going on since 2014. While he spoke at length about why he decided to speak up now, he also explained why people need to stop thinking his divorce happened due to his infidelity.

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“Absolutely not. Sussanne has been very very vocal about this… And I feel like laughing at people”, Hrithik said, talking about Sussanne already clearing that there was no infidelity from his side. “When people get divorced, it is not always because of infidelity by the man. That is just such a small minded assumption. I am just trying to say that there are many reasons why people would like to live separate lives. Infidelity is just one of them.”

The actor, amongst other things, also talked about people’s assumption that it’s always the ‘superstar’ who could be the reason behind a marriage breaking.

“The general assumption was, ‘Ah he is the superstar, he must have done something wrong. She must have caught him…’ That is not the case. We are great friends. It is between us. The reason that we decided to live separately may have been an inspiring reason, how do you know?” Hrithik questioned.