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The Pakistani music industry is producing some great work these days. The latest addition to the list is singer, lyricist and composer Shuja Haider’s song Jeevan Dan.

Jeevan Dan — which highlights the evils of gender inequality and child abuse — features the talented Saba Qamar in the video. Shuja has got an exceptionally beautiful voice, however the video in our view has more impact than the vocals.

The video gives out an all important message of how we need to protect women and children who are victims of sexual abuse and discrimination. You will see Saba wearing an all black attire and weeping, with expressions that do absolute justice to the theme of the video.

Shuja has given many hit songs in the past but we feel Saba must be given credit for the impactful video of Jeevan Daan. The song is really slow-pace so had it not been Saba’s bold acting and power of delivering the message even without saying a word, the efforts of creating this powerful video would have surely gone in vain.

Here, check it out and let us know what you think: