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Let me be the devil’s advocate here; not that I am in any way implying that Urwa Hocane and Farhan Saeed are the devil.

It’s just that they’ve undergone so much criticism during and after their wedding that I thought hey, it’s time someone showed them some love. Sure, they may have gone a little too public with a private affair but that is entirely their choice. We do still believe in freedom of choice, right? It’s on that note that I can actually admire them for not being hypocritical about their relationship. While so many celebrities in Pakistan hide their affairs left, right and centre, Urwa and Farhan have been very open about being in love for almost three years.

And I’m actually impressed that Urwa borrowed many of her clothes; it would have been a huge extravagance if she hadn’t and that would have been objectionable on another level. I think she could start a very healthy trend here. The designers aren’t complaining and I bet they got more publicity than they had anticipated. Sure, I would be able to critique some of Urwa’s sartorial choices but then the Hocane sisters are quite infamous for their somewhat bizarre sense of style. That would make an interesting comment on its own.

Last of all, have they been socially irresponsible about displaying oodles of wealth? Um, from where I see it, the wedding was a pretty simple affair and not even close to kind of wealth displayed at society weddings. Case in point: Anush Ammar, for one.

Fans all over the world are fascinated by their screen idols and we do love following the royal family, Bollywood and Hollywood stars. We salivate over every single paparazzi image released during celebrity weddings (remember Brad and Angelina, Abhishek and Aishwarya, Saif and Kareena or locally speaking, Imran and Jemima?) Then why be hypocritical about following these two? They have millions of fans online (check out the stats) and while that itself is a mystery, we can’t question it. Of course, our stars are much smaller in comparison but then maybe we have a hand in holding them down and not allowing them to shine.

Keeping all this in mind, I gave Urwa a call to congratulate her on her wedding. Here’s a bit of our conversation for those of you interested…

Me: What is the one quality in Farhan that convinced you that you wanted to spend the rest of your life with him?

 Urwa: He is the most humble and calm person I have ever come across. And the only man I have come across who elevates me and everyone around him.

Me: What part of your wedding, from the proposal to the grand reception, did you personally enjoy the most?

Urwa: What I enjoyed the most was having our entire family around us; so happy and so proud of us. And of course I loved Farhan’s performance, on family demand, on the qawwali night.

Me: Is married life what you expected to be and what is the best part of being married?

Urwa: It is what I expected it to be because I married a person I had been dating for 3 years. I know him inside out. So life is as amazing as it was when I was dating him. We still sometimes forget that we’re really married.

Me: Lastly, any honeymoon plans?

Urwa: Not yet. We are both getting back to work right away. Farhan has 7 concerts in the next 10 days and more ahead. And I have to get back to Rangreza and Punjab Nahi Jaoungi sets.

  • Check out exclusive images of the Urwa Farhan wedding in Instep on Sunday. It’s hard not to be happy for them when you realize just how much in love they actually are!
  • Featured photograph by Irfan Ahson