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In the past few weeks, social media has blown up with tweets and posts in relation to the Feroze Khan-Aliza Sultan court case. The news about the couple’s divorce came to light when Aliza, former wife of the actor Feroze Khan, announced her divorce from the actor on 22nd September via her Instagram. Since then an array of comments flooded social media as further details about the case were disclosed especially after pictures of Aliza’s bruises were leaked on social media due to domestic abuse.

Here is what we know as of now.

The couple got married back in 2018 and have two children together. However, according to Feroze’s statement, the couple got divorced on September 2nd and on September 2022 Aliza Sultan shared a statement on Instagram announcing the couple’s divorce:

“Our marriage of four years was utter chaos. In addition to a continuous physical and psychological violence during this period, I had to endure infidelity, blackmail and degradation at my husband’s hands. After careful consideration, I have reached the sad conclusion that I cannot spend my whole life in this horrific manner.
She said it was the thought of her children that finally made her call it quits. “The welfare and well-being of my children have played a significant role in this decision. I do not want them to grow up in a toxic, unhealthy and violent household. I’m afraid that their mental development and approach to life would be negatively impacted by exposure to such [a] hostile environment.”

This caused an uproar on social media and was followed by a statement made by Feroze:

“As a law-abiding citizen of Pakistan I have full confidence in the justice of the Court. Our divorce was finalised on September 2, 2022, after which I filed a family law case asking custody of and visitation rights pertaining to my children Sultan and Fatima in the eighth family judge district, East Karachi on September 19 2022. As concerns my ex-wife, I shall extend her my respect and support as she is the mother of my children. I am afraid I am not in a position to further discuss this matter as the case is pending before the Court.”

Presently, there are two cases; the first by Feroze Khan for his children’s custody and the other case by Aliza for allowance for the children.

Following that a new development came to light when pictures of Aliza’s bruises were circulating around social media. From the pictures, it was evident that Aliza was severely injured around her eyes, arms, and face.

Though Feroze Khan denied all allegations and posted a story on his Instagram:

“I, Feroze Khan vehemently deny any and all baseless, malicious and untruthful allegations which have been levelled against me and circulating on the social media rumour mill. These allegations have no basis in truth or reality. I fully intend to institute legal proceedings against the perpetrators of the these actions and I have instructed my legal team accordingly. I would categorically like to state that I have always followed the law in its true letter and spirit and have never knowingly hurt another human being. I very strongly believe in all human rights of every human inhabiting planet earth.”


Celebrities also charged their perspective on social media:

Iqra Aziz announced on social media that she is retracting from a project to support all the survivors of domestic violence:


The case is still developing and the next hearing  is on November 1.

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