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Jawani Phir Nahi Ani 2 (JPNA2) is perhaps the most anticipated movie amongst the three films that are coming out on Eid, next month. Featuring an ensemble cast which includes Humayun Saeed, Fahad Mustafa, Mawra Hocane, Kubra Khan, Vasay Chaudhry, Ahmad Ali Butt, Uzma Khan, Sarwat Gilani and Omer Shahzad along with Fawad Khan and a host of others in cameo roles, the film is expected to create new records at the box office.

We caught up with lead actor/producer Humayun Saeed and rising star Kubra Khan — who is playing his love interest in the film — as they shot for a promotional song in Karachi and asked them about their chemistry.

“It was a delight working with Humayun. I think what I loved about working with him is that whether it’s romance or comedy, whichever the emotion is, he has this knack of bringing it out of the other person,” Kubra said.


She also revealed that creating chemistry with Humayun wasn’t a big challenge. “I never had to work hard to create chemistry with him, it naturally happened,” she added.

Talking about the relationship between Celina and Sherry — the characters played by her and Humayun — Kubra disclosed, “Our relationship is not of the ordinary. There’s nothing typical about it. There’s conflict between them but there’s this weird thing where they somehow get get along. But that’s all I can tell you, right now.”

What’s Celina like, though? “My character is very similar to who I am as a person. She is caring, fun-loving and a determined person. She’s the person who breaks the norms of how one should be. She likes to go on adventures. What I really liked about her is that she listens to everybody but does what she wants at the end. And even when she feels she is obliged to do something, in a certain light, at the end of the day she makes the right decision.”


To make our conversation more interesting, we asked Kubra to tell us three good qualities and three bad qualities about Humayun. “He is very easy to work with. He’s a great co-star, a great producer, a great actor and a great human being,” Kubra said before she laughed and added, “I think I gave too many.”

However, this isn’t it. “He smells very good. And he’s always very clean. I think he showers like 1o times a day or something,” she said with a chuckle.

As for his bad qualities, Kubra said, “He sometimes thinks he can’t do something but he can and that sometimes misguides the other person, for example dance. We had this song together and he said ‘I can’t dance’ and then he went in front of the camera and killed it. And I was like I can’t match him. It made me so nervous. He is sometimes late. A lot of the times, late. But that’s because he has to play his producer duties as well. See, I am even giving justifications on his behalf. Third thing, he’s very quiet, which isn’t a bad thing at all. He only mingles with people he thinks he can mingle with which is a very good thing but I realised that it goes against him for people who don’t know him because they then think he is big-headed and arrogant which he really isn’t. He is a very, very down to earth person.”


We asked Humayun the same question and he also ended up with more than three good qualities of Kubra. “She doesn’t have any attitude problems, is very respectful towards her co-stars and even the crew. She’s very hardworking and works with a lot of passion.”

As for her bad qualities, he said, “She will laugh at anything. Like literally at the drop of a hat. And once she starts laughing, she will just continue to do so without any breaks. She eats a lot, which is fine but sometimes she even eats my food. Like if you bring her waffles, she will eat all of them.”


But Humayun had more to say. “A bad quality — which is actually a good quality really — is that you can easily convince her to do anything. Like for example if you tell her to wear a certain costume, she will do it without throwing a tantrum. So sometimes it’s this good quality, that becomes bad for her,” he added.

JPNA2 releases on Eidul Azha. Stay tuned for more exclusive content!