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2017 has been one of the strongest years for Pakistan’s media industry. Whether it’s been films, music, fashion or the celebrity scene, the crème de la crème has shone through it all and proven its mettle. Now, giving our precious opinion of the newsmakers this year, we give you our coveted Haute or Naute list of the year.


The Haute


Sajal Aly



The year has been great for this young gun of the industry. Whether it was her strong Bollywood debut with Mom or her successful series of shows on television like O Rungreza and Yaqeen Ka Safar, Sajal Aly has made it clear that she’s here to stay. Will the new year be even bigger for the actress with maybe another film in the offing? Time shall tell!


Mahira Khan




Starting the year with one controversy to ending on one as well, Mahira Khan has proven that when there’s high magnitudes of star-power, trouble brews unconditionally. However, leave it to the brilliant diva to handle it like a pro. From Raees to Verna, Mahira has been the one celebrity everyone wants to know more about, and believe us, 2018 is even bigger for this powerhouse!


Ahad Raza Mir



Making waves as soon as he showed up on our television screens through Sammi and Yaqeen Ka Safar, Ahad Raza Mir became the nation’s heartthrob in a blink of an eye. Now, with the year ending, get ready to see his name in even bigger projects! Slated to be in Aangan with some of the biggest names in the industry, this trailblazing actor is stopping at nothing.


Pepsi Battle of the Bands




With direct competition to Coke Studio, Pepsi Battle of the Bands is the bigger winner in music this year, hands down! Whether it’s bringing a much-needed platform to the budding bands in Pakistan or getting some of the biggest names in the industry to come together as judges, the show proved good talent and equally brilliant concepts work amazingly. After all, where else would you see Fawad Khan, Shahi Hasan, Meesha Shafi and Atif Aslam share one stage?


Urwa Hocane




Giving us not one but two hits back to back, Urwa Hocane is one diva no one wants to mess with. She already had social media in the back of her pocket, now she has the film industry’s blessing too. From Durdana in Punjab Nahi Jaungi to Na Maloom Afraad 2 and now, Rangreza, the year is ending on the highest note of her career, yet!


Saba Qamar




One of the few true stalwarts of the media industry in Pakistan, Saba Qamar made this year hers in every way. From her brilliance in Bollywood’s Hindi Medium to essaying the controversial Qandeel Baloch in Baaghi, she’s proven that hard-work, glamour and the right attitude always succeeds!


Fahad Mustafa




There’s no denying how huge Jeeto Pakistan has become but no, he didn’t make it to our Haute list just for the number of gifts he ends up giving each Ramazan, but for his outspokenness. He’s not one to mince his words and that makes him a delight to talk to. Who can ever forget the moment where he ended up saying he’s ‘replacing Hamza Ali Abbasi, not SRK’ in JPNA 2? That’s the kind of blunt honesty we all need more of!


Mehwish Hayat



Last but certainly not the least, Mehwish Hayat has proven this year is equally as big for her as last year was! From working with some of the biggest names in the industry, in Punjab Nahi Jaungi to essaying roles that prove she’s the hero of her own story, the actress has time and again displayed the aesthetic sensibilities you may not find in many celebrities today. Plus, with her interest in music growing tenfold this year, we have absolutely no doubt that the actress will soon be one of the biggest stars in music as well!


The Naute


Hamza Ali Abbasi’s foot-in-the-mouth moment


hamza ali abbasi


For anyone who’s following us for a while, they’d know how much we admire Hamza Ali Abbasi and the work he does. However, there’s one thing we strongly believe in and that’s using your platform for the right things. That, unfortunately, isn’t what the actor ended up doing this year. Acknowledging that he admires Hafiz Saeed, Hamza Ali Abbasi made quite a lot of people uncomfortable about his stance on supporting banned outfits in the country.


Hania Aamir’s selfie controversy




Hania Aamir rose to the highest points of her career this year and that’s one thing to surely admire. However, her attitude – which often borders childishness – made her a controversial figure when she ended up harassing a man in an airplane through her social media antics. Quick to apologise, the actress tried some damage-control, but did it really work? Time will tell.


The style at Hum Style Awards




If there’s one thing we purely hate, it’s bad fashion; especially if one calls themselves a ‘style’ awards. Defining the word ‘gauche’ to a tee, the HSA’s were enough for us to close our eyes and pray to the heavens to stop the torture.


The Censor Board of Pakistan




Giving the film industry a plethora of nightmares this year were the collective censor boards in Pakistan. Whether it was Raees being banned for absolutely no reason, to Na Maloom Afraad 2 and Verna being banned for just the heck of it, the censor board knew how to keep itself in the news; even if it meant everyone hating them forever.