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As summer begins its gradual wrap up and we wait for the cooler temperatures to fall in, fashion houses worldwide gear up to showcase their Fall/Winter lines. The past few months have gone by in a blur of pastels, prints and lacey details and fortunately there is much more minimal fashion coming your way!

Here are some basic fashion dos to follow for the upcoming season…

Solid Colours


Sonya Battla excels in solid colours and minimal fashion

Let’s all say it in chorus: NO MORE BIRD PRINTS!!! Now that that’s out in the open, lets move on to more minimal prints, solid colours and keep the ‘less is more’ mantra in mind. That means no unnecessary embroideries and embellishments; rely on funky buttons and simple details to do the trick.



Generation’s ‘Bring Basant Back’ played with layering and looked so fun!

This means playing with uppers in varying silhouettes and adding that extra something to your look. Since crop tops have been very much in fashion, you can pair it with a printed linen duster to make a statement. While layering looks cool all year round, it’s most practical during the end of the year.

Experimental hemlines


Khaadi’s Chapter 2 is the perfect example of experimental hemlines, paired with minimal prints and solid colours

It could be as simple as a high-low hem, or be experimental and make it asymmetrical, but don’t overdo it! If you keep your prints minimal, a simple twist in silhouette or hem gives much needed oomph.

Statement bottoms


Generation regularly keeps updating their collection of bottoms, bringing in fun silhouettes and prints

No, this does not mean the various laced, organza paneled and pantaloon-esque pants that we have seen one too many off. Keep it minimal and play with volume, or patterns, and pair them with simple solid coloured tops.