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Ah this never ending love for denim! While things might have gone a tad bit overboard this season with the overload of denim tunics, jeans will remain a classic as they evolve from one style to another. With winter season (AKA the season of jeans and sweaters) rolling in, it’s the perfect time to stock up on the currently trending denim must-haves.


High Waisted




These are the type of jeans that suit pretty much every body type. If you’re on the curvier side, they even give you a nice tummy tuck, accentuating your curves in the best way possible!





Honestly, these are the comfiest kind which is why we’re hoping it’s not a dying trend! Paired with t-shirts or button downs, bootcut jeans look casual, cool and make your legs look longer too. They’re also probably the only kind you can lounge around in comfortably!





Funky and fun! While these might not be for everyone, an embroidered motif on your everyday denim gives it a much-needed edge. You can sew on one of those add-on patches or go all out for a whole embroidered number.





Just make sure the rips on your jeans look casual instead of similar to huge gaping holes! Those just look un-classy to the max. The distressed trend is another way to make casual look cool, and it’s here to stay until further notice.

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