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While many women start planning for Eid a month in advance to save themselves from the hassle of difficult tailors and extra busy marketplaces, there will always be a few of us who decide chaand raat is the best time to go buy our Eid outfit! It might be a good idea to decide what kind of outfit you’re looking for, since so much is in style these days, and thus save yourself the inconvenience of going through 100 stores to settle for the 101st. All our favourite brands have a signature aesthetic, and we were spoilt for choice when trying to pick and choose from them. From short kurtis, to floor sweeping flared numbers to the classic shalwar, there is always so much to experiment with, so even if your look is last minute it doesn’t have to be ordinary!

Here are the trends of the season, which are not only haute but also perfectly fitting for the festive season.

The classic kurta dupatta


misha lakhani

The simplicity of this Misha Lakhani outfit is what this season needs

Old-world charm like no other, a minimally embellished kurta and dupatta is not only a traditional look, but has a great festive feel to it. The dupatta can be just as simple, or if you’re looking for something formal you can mix-and-match and opt for a heavier embellished or silk number.

Short shirt and flared pants


shamsha Hashwani

The key to a chic look for bell bottom pants is to keep it simple, and nail the length of the top, like this number by Shamsha Hashwani

A high rising trend, the bell bottom pants have also made a major comeback this season, and while people have been pairing it with all sorts of things, a minimal mid-length top is what we like best. It gives a sleek finish and tends to give the needed semi-formal look we need for Eid too.

The classic Gharara


zara shahjahan

Zara Shahjahan’s printed ghararas have a slight modern touch, but look traditional nevertheless

The gharara ‘pants’ have been trending for a while now, and while designers have come out with several variations, the traditional gharara is still our favourite! It’s old-school and festive, plus the cotton numbers found across stores in the country can be styled casually in numerous ways. You can pair a printed one with a solid coloured kameez, experimenting with which length you may like best, and add a dupatta to complete the traditional look.

Old-school angrakha



This matching angrakha and dupatta from Sapphire has revoked our love for the short lengthed variation of the old-school angrakha. To be worn with a churidaar.

Yes, it does seem to be the season for traditional styles to make a comeback! While an angrakha usually tends to look formal, the simple printed numbers in shorter lengths look quite chic, while the block-printed numbers give a traditional feel.

Full length pishwaas



Full length everything is back! Be it capes, pishwaas, or A-line tops. This outfit by Block Textiles has the classic pishwaas cut which is perfectly festive.

There’s so much to love about full-length numbers, they make one look slimmer, taller and are formal enough on its own. There are so many variations available, western and eastern, and of course every girl loves the feeling of twirling around pretending you’re wearing a couture gown!

Cotton sari



Generation is bringing back cotton saris, and we’re ecstatic!

When life gives you an occasion to make a fashion statement, take it! It’s true, a saari was never on our mind either when we’d first think of Eid outfits, but how lovely does this block-printed sari look? It’s not the conventional way to go, but if there was ever a time for casual saris to make a comeback now is it!