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With a plethora of average films and even worse soundtracks making it to our screens in the recent few months, we really have our hopes hanging by a string with films releasing on Eid-Ul-Azha. However, if there’s one film – or rather the soundtracks of one – that have kept our hopes up, has to be Nadeem Baig’s Punjab Nahi Jaungi. But, before we give the flick our stamp of approval, there’s just one problem, and it’s called ‘Mera 24/7 Lakk’. The video of the song from the film released this evening and we have to say it’s a bit tedious.

The song could be taking us into what looks like a Shaadi scene or it could be the mujra/dance number that happens when the hero returns with a Matric degree, as specified in the film’s trailer. Whatever, it turns into yet another one of those ‘let’s all break into dance for absolutely no reason’ situations.



The song isn’t so bad to begin with. One cannot deny the fact that albeit the lyrics may sound borderline annoying, the repetitive factor works majorly for it. After all, it isn’t a surprise that one ends up humming the chorus on repeat even if they don’t want to. Unfortunately, Meesha Shafi may have lent her voice to the song but it’s neither a ‘Bijli’ (Reluctant Fundamentalist) nor an ‘Eva’ (Moor). The melody is reminiscent of ‘Fair & Lovely‘ from Baig’s previous film and actually reminds us of Govinda’s dance numbers from the 80s. The lyrics aren’t genius too; but when are they ever in dance numbers? ’24/7 Lak Hilna’ literally means ‘my waist will move 24/7’ but this song doesn’t not inspire one to get up and dance at all.

The real issue: we have established by now that Urwa Hocane isn’t the smoothest of dancers around. She can’t dance. And Ahmed Ali Butt has better and more natural moves than her. But an awkward dancer and the hero’s sidekick do not a memorable dance number make. It doesn’t work.

With all said and done, if you still feel that the song is worth a watch – and believe us, the song will stay in your memory for a long time – check it out here:


 – ‘Kaif o Suroor’ from Na Maloom Afraad 2 also released this evening. We’ll be reviewing that tomorrow.