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Much like the winter wind, yet another thing is back this season, which in the previous years has become the signature event for January. That’s right, it’s Karachi Eat time once again and it seems the whole city is already making its way to Frere Hall!

Starting from today to Sunday, January 15, the festival begins and promises to be bigger, better, and tastier with of course, even more experimentations in the offing. Whether it’s something as bizarre as ‘Paan Shots’ or ‘Nutella UFO’s’ or the festival favourite Khao Suey, the food is all ready to be served if you’re brave enough to stand in a queue for a long time. However, that’s not all, though. With about more than 90 stalls to check out, everyone’s going to be spoilt for choices, that’s a given.

But what really are the standouts this time? While we get that all the gimmicky stuff will drive hoards to their stalls, it may eventually end up making people super confused – case in point last year’s Nutella Gol Gappay debacle. Well, one doesn’t need to stress much as Something Haute provides you with a list of 5 haute places that we are surely recommending for some guilty pleasure!


Pepper Lime & Sugar Plum

If there is one woman who has stood out in the crowd time and again, due to her perfect aesthetic sense in baking and an equally magical way of making Khao Suey, it’s Saira Faruqi. Already a fan favourite amongst Karachiites, Faruqi’s all ready to serve her signature food at Karachi Eat. If you don’t want to miss out on this delight, then we suggest coming in a little early because this item sells like hot cake (literally).


Nora Got Sweet Tooth

Introducing the concept of handmade granola and high-end breakfast mixes, Nora Got Sweet Tooth is all set to make its debut at the festival with products that gave it a niche following. Whether it’s muesli you crave or some wholesome parfaits, here’s one place you need to keep in mind!



This is the one place that has previously given high-end caterers a run for their money by providing wholesome food at a ton of events, and Fatso’s owner Maha Jawed is back once again to provide comfort food with a twist. Does an Orange Cremè Brulèe French Toast with cinnamon tickle your fancy? Or is the Taiwanese steamed bun with beef, greens, and peanuts what you’re looking for? well, now you know where to go.


Breast & Loin

Yet another festival favourite, Breast & Loin, with its tongue-in-cheek name, is all things savoury and is sure to hit your umami like no other. While it was the stall’s debut last year (with its flavor-filled prime steak and cheese sandwiches) this year it seems to be going bigger and better with more items on the list. If you really are craving for some carbs, this is where the diet should be broken. One word of advice, though: rush to the stall ASAP as it sells out in seconds.


The Waffle Cart

In what literally started off as a cart and still is, if you go outside Malang Café on Khyaban-e-Sehar, The Waffle Cart is one debut to look out for. Crispy, sweet and exploding with flavours, the waffles available at this stall are surely something not to be missed. If nothing else, go in for the love of Nutella and Maltesers and thank us later!

While these 5 stalls are what we recommend amongst so many, we’re sure the 90-plus stalls out there are sure to tempt you with some sinful indulgence. So, if nothing else, welcome the weekend with food, music, and of course a great time with family and friends.