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With another weekend behind us, a number of Haute events took place in Karachi. And like always, our celebs were the first ones to grace social media and the last ones on the red carpet! But, how did they fare in our list of fashion do’s and don’ts? Find out here…

Haniya Amir experiments with denim



If there’s one thing that’s all the rage in fashion right now, it’s denim. Hence, whenever you get a chance, DO experiment with the material. Might we suggest a look inspired by Hania Amir in her denim culottes? Chic! And Check! ✅


Kubra Khan in ill-fitted jeans



There will always be a few pieces of clothing that just don’t fit or at least give an illusion of ill-fittingness. So, if it’s slim-fit jeans you’re going for, it’d be best to check them for their fit and combination with the top first. And those shoes remind of middle aged ladies at weddings. CROSS ❌

Mawra Hocane pairs Rheson with dangle earrings


You don’t need to overdo your outfit to make a style statement and Mawra Hocane was a prime example of that at the launch of Nabila’s Zero Make Up palette. While her Rheson outfit (a present from Sanam Kapoor) was subtle, her black and gold dangle earrings caught our attention and were quite a style statement. CHECK ✅

Zhalay Sarhadi goes all Avatar in this graphic print and it’s kinda last decade



While we love our lawn prints, they can get tricky when they’re done on western wear. This overwhelming printed silk dress that Zhalay wore was a big NO. It just did not fit the bill or occasion. CROSS ❌

Sonya Hussyn perfects monochrome 



While monochromatic colours are perfect for the hot months, thanks to the cool and crisp look they provide, a little bit of earthy tone never killed anyone. Thus, when Sonya Hussyn paired her camisole and pants with beige/gold coloured bag and heels, it made complete sense. CHECK ✅


Hania Amir goes overboard with the blues



Experimentation is the source of all good style but only if it comes naturally. While we’re all for statement pieces, Hania Amir’s leather belt with her cloud blue coloured flared pants and top overwhelmed her petite 20-year old physique. It wore her and not the other way around. CROSS ❌

Ayesha Toor does suspenders right



Perhaps best suitable for a toned body type, suspenders are all that jazz if you’re up for a funky look without too much kitsch. Seen here at Na Maloom Afraad 2’s ‘Hug Day’ Party, Ayesha Toor was a refresher with her funky clutch and red suspenders. But then she’s just a very cool person and it always shows! CHECK ✅