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Our beloved hauteliers, we think it is time to put this attention-fest to bed, what do you all think? The answer is always, YES. So let’s put our reading glasses on and sashay over to our corners because celeb-folks will always find ways to pat themselves on the back. Well we’re not the ones to purr for a pat, and hence we’ll do what we’re good at, point and judge.

Are we ready, or what?

Anoushey Ashraf


It’s a classic and uncomplicated chic look, although we would recommend sharper shoes next time.

Zara Peerzada


The outfit is anything but boring and the pop of color is quite refreshing, but since we’re bitter queens we would like to point out how the lower half should have better fitting. The shoes are wrong too.

Sana Hashwani


Effortless, gorgeous, chic…we’re fans!

Kinza Latif


Miss Thang just didn’t have time to change after her root canal. We’ll mail the gown back to your dentist, you’re welcome.

Purniya Awan


What a fantastic statement to make on the carpet, we’re also in love with the color. However, lose the duffle bag next time, unless you’re off to your best friend’s mehndi.

Alveena Abid


Podium girls are all the rage now.

Momina Sibtain


Definitely a standout look from last night.

Alina Shahid


Sweetie, no

Armeena Khan


It’s a dull dress but the good thing is that the entire look fits her quite well and the makeup is pretty good too. We’ll await the hate mail, Miss Khan.

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