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The second edition of Pakistan Film Festival kicked off in New York City last week and it was a star-studded affair with many known faces from our industry. And while all the style divas managed to pull off different looks on each day and some worked, others clearly didn’t.

What really looked fab and what made them look über drab? We bring you here an assortment of both high and low looks from the festival…

Let’s begin!


Mahira Khan



Mahira Khan pulled off some funky looks from three different designers like Sana Safinaz, Sania Maskatiya, and Elan. While the psychedelic pants sari from Sana Safinaz was a tad too busy for our taste, she still rocked the look with panache. The other two minimalist looks somehow worked with the customized Elan jacket being the sure-shot winner.


Ayesha Omar



Ayesha Omar pulled off a pristine white look in custom-made sari pants by Shehla Chatoor. The look was clean and even the colour combination wasn’t overpowering. The Elan sari was lovely too, albeit a bit festive for the occasion and the rust top by Hussain Rehar, was nicely paired with black ribbed jeans and a sleek hair look.


Aamina Sheikh



Aamina Sheikh pulled off a mauve Sana Safinaz suit with flared pants and an embellished jacket. We are not quite sure what to say. We found the cut and the colour a little dull while the light pink stilettos weren’t the best choice either.


Sonya Hussyn




Donning a gold wash nude by Saniya Maskatiya, Sonya Hussyn had her style on point. From her gelled back hair to her cat-eye shades, sun-kissed look and metallic stilettos, we loved it all.


Mehwish Hayat


The monochrome polka dotted gypsy look totally failed to impress on all accounts but Mehwish Hayat quickly mended the damage and pulled off a sultry look in a grey satiny dress by Calvin Klein.


Frieha Altaf 



This Roberto Cavalli inspired digital print silk kaftan by Shehla Chatoor was stylish with a subdued colour combination that wasn’t too jarring for the eyes. Frieha Altaf made a statement pairing it with a classic black quilted Chanel bag.