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A lot has been going on in the fashion & film industry this week, from Eid celebrations to movie promotions, trailer launches and what not! Now that there’s a lot of celeb spotting, we have all the reasons to pick and choose and rant or rave their style sense.

There were some looks which left us awestruck while others made us wonder whether our stars had suddenly lost their sense of style!

So here you have it folks. Let’s sit back and see what looks surfaced on social media this week.


Kubra Khan

We’ll try to forget she dresses like this by the time her movie releases; she will, after all be centre stage as she appears opposite Humayun Saeed in JPNA2.


 Ayesha Omar

Hey girl now that you are back from vacations maybe take a break from track pants? Especially for Eid.


Maya Ali

The girl is an absolute beauty but even beauties can need help in the dress department. While we adore Maya’s polka dot dress, we can’t stop thinking which hater told her to wear this ill-fitted pink suit. Come on Maya, it was the trailer launch of your debut film you could have done better!


It’s one of those classic, basic Resham jee looks but would be better suited for a mehndi rather than a music launch.

Ali Rehman Khan


Ali Rehman Khan is a good looking guy and dresses well. And Nomi Ansari is someone who knows how to nail colour, whether he’s dressing the ladies or gentlemen. We fully approve the precision of this look!


The Nawaz clan


Eid look gone wrong! And we couldn’t say it better that what the memes said all week long: this is when you’re trying to pull off Eid by day and hospital ward boy by night. The kids are so cute; they may never forgive their parents for subjecting them to these scrubs.