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Our beloved Hauteliers, a lot of stylish celeb-folks finally came out to speak some hard truths about their wardrobe choices at this event and we’ve covered several of them so far, but there comes a time when the backlog of red carpet-ery demands pairing the stars into groups so as to make our judgment of them that much easier. For us, of course. And for you, because we’re just that thoughtful.

Miss Khadija Shah, who was definitely the star of the night, won us over with her look but thanks to an equally eye-popping collection to swoon over, we can’t really say any of the attendees did all that badly. What can we say? We’re suckers for pretty and well dressed people.

Call us basic, call us biased, but we stand firm: these ladies and gentlemen are alright by us:


The Designers



(L-R) Khadijah Shah, Feryal Aftab (Muse), HSY, Faraz Manan (we saw him smiling too) and Zara Shahjehan: It’s always tricky showing up to a fellow designer’s show; we always equate it to coming to your ex’s wedding. Dress too much and you’re asking for too much attention, dress too casual and you’re labeled pathetic. But Lahore is anything but pathetic; good job to all of these chic superstars.





(L-R) Amna Baber, Mehreen Syed with Khadijah Shah (Mehreen does deserve a hug for wearing an outfit 15 kilos heavier than her) and Zara Peerzada: Let these inhumanly perfect beings show the basics how it is done. We would also like to take this opportunity to call out Miss Peerzada because when she gets it right, she really get’s it right.


Upcoming Designers



Hira Ali and Hussain Rehar are not only the two designers we’re looking forward to but their style game is equally strong.

Yousaf Shahbaz



We’ve always been a fan of his out of the box, slightly ironic sense of style and we don’t think anyone is more fitted to pull off that suit than him.

Shahbaz and Maheen Taseer


While Shahbaz Taseer keeps it casual we’re quite loving the print on Maheen Taseer. And her face looks gorgeous. Can’t go wrong!


Mehar Tareen and Omer Sheikh



They really seem to be picking up the newlywed game up with their style and we don’t mind this at all.


Mahnum Kabir



This girl is always on the forefront to bring us really strong Red Carpet-ery and this is no exception. We’re having a total fan moment