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ARY Digital’s latest drama, Visaal, stars Hania Aamir, Zahid Ahmed and Saboor Aly in lead roles and while the drama’s initial teasers looked entertaining, the show itself has failed to impress.

Episode one opens with Zahid Ahmed as Akbar, being released from jail. Turns out he is your everyday con-artist, gambler, womanizer and every possible negative aspect you can relate to a character. His cheeky character is made obvious with an awful Salman-Khan-from-Tere-Naam inspired look. Since when do neighbourhood vagabonds dress in leather jackets? Zahid Ahmed’s new look didn’t bode well even when the show’s first looks were revealed, but one assumed it would at least fit the character. However, it just looks out of place and senseless even on screen.

Hania Aamir is introduced as the sweet Pari, who is your quintessential girl-next-door, raised by an overprotective yet loving father. Naheed (Saboor) is her only friend in the neighbourhood, and the daughter of an esteemed Maulvi.

Enters Akbar, who is now in search of a place to live, money to gamble away and a new business plan to work on, all which he plans to obtain via fooling people. He manages to fool the esteemed Maulvi, by putting up a pious façade, who helps him in getting a loan for his cosmetic shop.  At the same time Akbar also comes across Pari, mistaking her as the Maulvi’s daughter, and it’s of course love at first sight…

The dramatic background music associated with Zahid’s character feels out of place, as do Hania’s acting skills. Two episodes in, it still feels like Hania’s character isn’t given enough definition, leading to what feels like a generic role. While Zahid is doing a good job as the sleazy con-artist, the show overall seems to lack finesse when it comes to the plot and other major factors.

The upcoming episode shows Naheed’s parents trying to convince her to accept a marriage proposal, while Akbar on the other hand is still under the impression that it is Pari who is the Maulvi’s daughter. Will we be tuning in to watch it? We’re not sure…