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Hamza Ali Abbasi had earlier announced that he was taking an ‘indefinite hiatus’ from acting due to the change in his perspective about life. He later revealed that he was in the process of writing a book.

In a recent talk show with Sarfraz Niazi, Hamza Ali Abbasi shared an update regarding his journey so far as well as his views on the entertainment industry.


hamza ali abbasi


When questioned about his views concerning the entertainment industry, the actor replied that he has concluded that working in the industry is not forbidden.

“If the question is whether I think work like music, film and drama is haraam, then I have reached the conclusion that it is not. As long as you stay within the limits defined by God, then it isn’t,” he said.

However, he feels that when you choose to spread the message through a drama or film, viewers focus more on the craft and less on the message.

“I have decided to live my life shaking people out of their ignorance, reminding them of the reality that is Judgement Day. Being answerable in front of God. That’s what I experienced it Alif, of spreading that message through the medium of entertainment. What I noticed is, people start preferring craft over the message, like whose acting was better; it’s time to start saying these things directly. There are already too many distractions,” he said.

Moving on, he also spoke about the theme and content of his book. “Basically, it’s just about why I am the way I am. Everyone always asks me questions about my journey and what convinced me that this is the reality. So, I thought that I should put it in writing in a very simple way so that when I talk to someone, since it’s my mission in life to always talk about God, that people don’t keep repeating the same questions about my journey and what led me to where I am today. It’s not an academic book.”

The actor was last seen in drama serial Alif and now fans are impatiently waiting for his silver screen comeback in  Maula Jatt.