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Hair plays as integral a role in our look as clothes do, which is why the TONI&GUY Karachi Hair fashion Scout II was so relevant to fashion week. Built around a bevy of young, new models, upbeat, racy music and an attitude that appeared to have landed straight from London, it set the mood to hip and happening hair.

The focus was on latest hair colour contouring and colour blushing techniques, while keeping the make up minimal, with a fresh skin and radiant look.

“We’re taking it back to the most important step: achieving healthy, radiant, conditioned skin. No more strobing, baking, or contouring. Let your skin breathe,” the Makeup artists at TONI&GUY Karachi reveal. This, paired with a bold lip or smudged eye created a great look, as seen on the ramp. There was nothing prim and proper about the hairstyles, which is what we loved since it’s nearly impossible to keep a neat look during the hot and humid summer! The raw, textured hair dos’ created a sense of freedom and individuality, which is exactly what the showcase was aiming for.

The show itself was high-voltage and energetic, immediately snapping us out of the sobriety of commercial fashion on display.

Here is the low down on four of our favourite looks from the show…

The new blonde


The ‘brown but nearly-blonde’ look has been a favourite amongst Pakistani women since our memory recalls and TONI&GUY Karachi used latest techniques to create a luminous effect, which flatters one’s complexion and face by lightening the hair towards the ends, as well as around the face. This particular colour is on trend and suit most Pakistani women very well.

The braided top

We love this one for it’s sheer originality and punk-factor! The fish braid and herringbone have been done to death on every shaadi, but only those who dare to be different will try out this fun version of an up-do, and we might just be in line to experiment.

Man-bun with warrior braids


And of course our men desperately need some new inspirations, especially after the man bun got viral and everyone wanted to try it, despite the fact that it suited close to none. This crazy hairdo is not for the weak hearted of course, but the textured look done in shades of the same colour (another new technique!), looked pretty hot to us!

 Crown braid


Lastly, this one was our favourite! With movement and curls and the braid on the crown, not only is this edgy but can also easily be adapted as a desi hairdo. So no need to worry about keeping a perfect blow dry for the upcoming season, TONI&GUY Karachi has got us covered with the perfect looks!


  • Photography by Faisal Farooqui @ Dragonfly
  • Advertorial feature