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The world has recognized what a powerhouse of talent Hadiqa Kiani is when it comes to music. The singer is now going to display her potential as an actor in upcoming drama Raqeeb Se alongside industry veterans Naumaan Ijaz and Sania Saeed.

Penned by Bee Gul, Raqeeb Se has been directed by Kashif Nisar, and is a Momina Duraid production for HUM TV. The drama also stars Iqra Aziz and Faryal Mehmood in key roles.

“In the previous years, I was offered a number of films and dramas, but like I always say, there’s a time for everything,” shared Hadiqa Kiani in an exclusive interview with Something Haute.

Speaking of her acting debut, she explained that she has a strong belief that everything happens at the right time. “Sometimes I did not like the roles offered, sometimes I had an issue with the script, sometimes I just did not want to venture into acting and sometimes I was just busy with my music and life in general.”



“When Momina Duraid called me to share details about the script, role and cast, everything was so on point,” the Hona Tha Pyar singer shared, adding, that it felt so perfect that she was not faced with even a fraction of doubt. “I just went with my heart and gut feeling despite knowing that the character offered is quite contrary to my life.”

Hadiqa revealed that she felt this was a great opportunity to work and learn with a team that included such a brilliant director and such a refined cast overall. Talking about the faith Momina showed in the singer, she just hopes she can do justice to the character.

“I play the role of Sakina in this drama. She is very submissive, docile yet resilient and strong in her own ways,” she revealed about her character. In fact, Hadiqa shared that all female characters in the drama have extremely unique identities and ideologies of their own.

“A lot of women are going to relate to all these female characters, including my own. Each female character depicts the women of this society who are simple yet strong and resilient enough to face the challenges and painful situations that come their way.”



Not only is the singer making her acting debut with Raqeeb Se, but she’s also composed her first OST. “While I have composed many songs, I had never composed one for a drama.”

The energy and vibes that Hadiqa got while working on this project tempted her to compose the soundtrack. “I feel my mother’s poetry went really well with the theme of the drama. There are vibes of sadness, and vibes of hope and I wanted to create something magical.”

Produced by Ustad Baqir Abbas, the lyrics of the song have been penned by Hadiqa’s mother, Khawar Kiani, the poetess of many of her biggest hits including Boohey Barian and Intehai Shauq. 

Provided with more acting opportunities, Hadiqa intends to take them as the will of God. “If God will provide me with more gateways of opportunities to work in either dramas or film, I will not block them in my head,” she stated concluding that she does plan on making more music that will come directly from her heart and soul.

For now, Hadiqa Kiani just feels lucky to be part of Raqeeb Se that features so many fine actors led by a visionary director. “The script is fantastic and will hopefully leave a positive message for the public.”

You can watch the teasers here: