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Mother’s Day is extra special for most of us mainly because there simply isn’t any human being more special in your life than your mom. And since Mother’s Day is today, we decided to help you out a little, because your mom deserves the best. But it’s more important to realize that it’s not only about buying a present or giving her flowers, you have to spend time with her too. Because honestly speaking that’s really all she wants, some quality time between your busy schedule. So, lets make this day about that!

There are two things that you need to know about shopping with your mom. First, set out a budget before hand. We’d recommend that you don’t spend a lot, because most moms would prefer something thoughtful rather than expensive and flashy and going shopping with her is just going to add to the whole dynamic. Second, you know your mom the best, so decide what type of mom she is. Does she like going out? What colours does she usually wear? Bright or dull? What kinds of bags does she usually carry? Work that out and you both can get some fun matching goodies, or something that’ll make you remember this day forever.

Then it’s time to hit the mall with your mom! Shopping is our favourite activity when we want to spend some quality time with our mothers. We went straight for Dolmen Mall Clifton since it really is a one stop solution for shopping and we knew it would be impossible to not find the perfect present there. They have the best brands and lots of superb collections and discounts especially for Mother’s Day. We picked out 5 classic things you and your mother can shop for together.

1. The Body Shop 

This set, named British Rose, contains the perfect combination of luxurious indulgence to gift your mom. Perfume, shower gel, body butter, body scrub and soap, you can divide the products between the two of you. Plus the packaging is really cute!

2. Outfitters

This set from outfitters is our absolute favourite! The colour is great for summer so you can buy the longer tunic for your mom and the shorter tee for yourself, and get a great mother-daughter combo outfit!

3. HUB Leather

This wallet/handbag duo is a very fun choice for your mom and you. If she’s outgoing and likes to have a little pop of colour in her accessories, she’ll love this while you can get yourself a fun wallet.

4. Charles and Keith

This is one of the best collection of things to give your mother on Mother’s Day. We absolutely love the nude colour; doesn’t it look super elegant and classy? And the best part is you can get the bag and wallet for her and the shoes for you.


These shoes are a great choice! They’re affordable; the colour option is great, so you can have a matching pair of shoes with your mom.

There you have it! We’re really made it so simple for you. Have a great Mother’s Day, with a fun shopping spree at Dolmen Mall with your mom!


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