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Online shopping is the fashion fetish of modern-age retail and while e-commerce came to Pakistan several years ago, one iconic fashion expert has taken the game miles ahead of others and created a space that converges magazine-inspired layouts, scintillating exclusive collections (yes, they’re exclusively designed for the e-store) and of course, her eye for style and fashion expertise all in one place. Still haven’t guessed who it is? We’re talking about Andleeb Rana, former Editor in Chief of Xpoze Magazine, who packed up her career in print and moved to the the digital hemisphere with, and that too as a fashion buyer. Rana’s entrepreneurial efforts in fashion have landed Pakistan with admittedly, one of the finest and most luxurious e-retail shops in the country.



Staying true to its name, MyFashionFix isn’t just another run-of-the-mill mix of random brands, and we must thank the high heavens for that. Whether it’s the website’s layout or the collections available, MyFashionFix screams exclusivity in its entire ethos. However, with everything available under $200, one wishes for more collections to be added for the shopping maniac in us!

Talking to Something Haute, Rana discussed the transition from print journalism to the world of e-commerce, which she feels is where her heart is.

“Print media was boring the hell out of me and I noticed that a person like me, who was initially scared to embrace technology, was finally spending time, to not only read, but also to shop online; I just knew it was time to shift gears! It’s the way forward and I feel that MyFashionFix was bound to happen to me sooner or later as it’s a combination of all the things I have done throughout my fashion career: editorial content, styling, buying, PR, marketing, retail and a lot more; it’s all under one roof now! It’s exactly what I envisioned my career to be at this point in life,” Rana said.

MyFashionFix was continuous effort to bring a difference to the Pakistani e-retail space, she added,

“The fact that we are not selling each and anything is what is different about us. If you notice, it is a very well planned and carefully curated website, with designers who are an exciting mix of old and new, offering limited edition clothing at affordable prices! It’s all about affordable luxury. Also the fact that the editorial content is very Pakistani, yet it’s swanky and fun. In a world of fast fashion, we are aiming at a customer who believes in the luxury of ‘limited edition,’ by critically acclaimed designers.”

Although the website is relatively new, it has already made its mark on a large chunk of hot-steppers who swear by this diva’s design sensibility, proven in the selective range of designers that she has handpicked.

“The designers I have onboard are people who I have always believed in. They excite my fashion sensibilities and absolutely deserve world recognition. I couldn’t have done that with a print magazine. With an online portal, the world is our oyster!” Rana explained.

It certainly is and with buzzworthy names such as Sania Maskatiya, Ali Xeeshan and Adnan Pardesy amongst others offering exclusively designed collections on the website, you need not look any further and delve into the world of Andleeb Rana’s MyFashionFix. You can thank us later!