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Women have been skeptical of visiting parlors since the start of this pandemic due to the high exposure risks involved. However, these parlor going ladies just cannot settle for razors because they don’t give the same results no matter how hard you try.

Presenting Veet cold wax strips, your 3 easy step parlor. All you have to do is select a variant according to your skin type and if you want to wax your face then make sure to use Veet face wax strips, which are specially designed for this purpose.



This Eid to enjoy up to 28 days of silky smooth skin just PEEL the strips apart (without rubbing), APPLY in the direction of your hair growth & PULL against the direction of your hair growth. Any leftover residue can be cleaned with the wipes provided or baby oil.





Now that you know the basic steps to use wax strips let’s talk about 4 simple tips that you can follow to ensure great results every time.

Always Conduct A Patch Test

Never forget to conduct a patch test on a small part of the area you wish to treat and wait for 24 hours to check for any adverse skin reactions.

Pull The Wax Strips In One Swift Motion

When pulling the strip off make sure you pull it back on itself as fast as possible. Do not keep your hand at a 90 degree or pull too slowly.

Do Not Wax The Same Area Twice

Avoid damaging your skin by never using wax strips over the same area more than once in one sitting, if you use the strips right you won’t have to reapply on the same area.

Avoid Waxing Over Problem Areas On The Skin

Do not use wax strips on parts of your skin that are irritated, suffer from any skin related disorders or are affected by any medications – better safe than sorry!

Now you know Mahira Khan’s secret to achieve flawless parlor like results at home. So, what are you waiting for? #VeetItToBelieveIt with Veet cold wax strips and let us know of your experience below along with any additional tips that you follow to achieve great results. #JustVeetIt