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We like to think that the world is getting more progressive and so it’s always a welcome sight to see fashion thinking the same way. And never one to be behind the times, Generation has put forth multiple campaigns with many a socio-political cause. It’s no longer just a high street brand but a high street brand that has a higher purpose. From the silent protest of Bring Basant Back to their #StepOutside campaign, Generation has constantly been pushing boundaries and using fashion to make a much needed statement.


Popular transgender activist Kami Sid is one of the many faces of the campaign

Bringing forth yet another avant-garde concept with their latest campaign, ‘Greater than Fear’, Generation celebrates diversity in every sense of the word. From varying body types to age and even gender fluidity, Generation has chosen a diverse set of models to represent the vast reach of the brand. Featuring women like popular transgender activist Kami Sid, to the 7-year-old Nashmia, Generation shows how it stands with women to empower and represent them like no other. The innovative trailblazing campaign has made waves and brought women into the limelight the way they need to be seen- as powerful individuals.


Tasneem Mir- the first woman in her Pathan family to receive a university education.

With this campaign, the brand’s Autumn/Winter ’17-18 collection also boasts a myriad of collections in an affordable price range. Their Circus Collection has playful prints with trendy detailing, while the Ralli collection is relatively minimalist with ethnic details on khaddar. Generation’s FLO brings boho chic denim tops with boxy tops and embroideries inspired by Romanian motifs and their formal line ushers in the festive season with Ghulabkar, characterized by Kashmiri motifs and woolen shawls.

As always, Generation has put forth a complete wardrobe for Pakistani women, keeping in mind and celebrating women of different ages, body types and so much more. There’s something here for everyone and it doesn’t get more real than this!