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In eastern wear, dupatta is an essence of femininity and modesty. However, it is so much more: a conversation starter in the fictional world, a catalyst for many movie songs, often a political statement, sometimes a cultural icon but usually it is just a few meters of fabric worn by women. With changing times, the must-have has turned into an accessory either neglected or made redundant by tailored tunics and kurtas. This spring/summer season, Generation wants the garment to make a re-entry in our lives, perhaps for good!

With its latest campaign, 100 ways of using a dupatta, Generation celebrates the fashion piece which holds a special place in our hearts and hence in our wardrobes as well. Creative Head of Generation, Khadija Rehman compiled a list of these ways with her grandmother over a decade ago and the brand has used all the styles to promote dupattas and make them a fashion statement.



Generation’s Spring/Summer 20 collection features a cocktail of 36 colored breezy dupattas, classic and hand-crafted suits, no-fuss printed kurtas and separates.



The dupatta may grow longer or shorter, wider or narrower, floral, plain or extravagant according to trends but the fashion statement is venerable in our region and hence will always be loved.


The anthem: Gulabi Chunariya



Keeping in mind its traditional aesthetics, the video or shoot of the campaign has to be rooted in our time-honored values. Generation specially collaborated with Harsakhiyan, a vocal powerhouse trio and Jamal Rahman, a music maestro and film maker. The songstresses Zainab, Saleema and Ismet have been training in classical music since their childhoods. Harsakhiyan composed and sung Gulabi Chunariya, while Jamal Rahman produced the music and directed the video. For those who don’t know, Jamal has music of Manto and Baaji to his credit.



GENERATION x Harsakhiyan x Jamal Rahman



For their collaboration with Generation, the sisters have reprised the classic dadra Rangi sari gulabi chunariya and recomposed the classic melody sung by Shobha Gurtu. The fresh interpretation defines what Generation’s campaign 100 ways of using a dupatta symbolize.



We see how women from different walks of life carry a dupatta in whichever way feasible for them. It can be worn over the head, used as a hijab, braided elegantly in hair or simply carried over one shoulder. Interestingly, many of us must have seen our moms carry keys and money by tying knots of their pallus. The video also elaborates how the women of yore would dye their dupattas in a new color to celebrate the return of their beloveds from their expeditions.



The sisters also shared the different ways in which they have utilized dupattas in their daily lives. While Zainab finds it to be quite useful on the beach, as a sarong, beach mat and even a towel, Saleema recalls using hers as a makeshift baby hammock while travelling on the train. However, Ismet really captures our imagination, as she put it in her own words: “I love watching expressions on babies’ faces as I let the dupatta catch air and fly over them.”



Generation’s first ever concept book



In connection to its new collection, Generation also launched its first ever concept book about the functionality of a dupatta this Friday. Friends from the media, influencers, along with art and design fraternity joined in the celebration with Generation at an intimate book launch on the roof garden of its Gulberg store in Lahore.


A dupatta can be used to tie a hand sanitizer to keep it handy


This book is a poetic manifestation of those 100 ways which are insightful yet culturally rooted and every Pakistani woman can resonate with them. RJ Saba Bano moderated the discussions where Khadija Rahman, Harsakhiyan, Jamal Rahman and Mahoor Jamal spoke about the concept, the video and the photo campaign, followed by the book’s narration by Harris Masood. The event concluded with Harsakhiyan performing and making the audience sway to the song Gulabi Chunariya.



The collection is available in stores and also online on The book 100 ways of using a dupatta will be available for purchase across all stores soon.

Watch Harsakhiyan in their element sharing Generation’s love for the fanciful drape here: