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Aamna Haider Isani sported a pair of these oversized kites during fashion week.

Generation showcased their Bring Basant Back collection at PSFW’17 earlier this year and it was love at first sight for us! The edgy, layered outfits were streamlined and experimental in their construction and overall approach. There was socio-political referencing in the collection’s key trends and it was a definite ‘bo kaataa‘ moment for us!

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What made the collection look even cooler on the runway was the way it was styled; the attention to detail visible in the oversized, skeletal earrings each model wore. Simple silver designed into huge kite shaped pieces, in gold or silver, complemented each outfit so perfectly.

Exclusively designed for the show by Zohra Rehman, these were unique pieces that we didn’t think would be up for retail. But as the PSFW’17 collection was preparing to hit the racks, it was revealed that Generation would also be putting the accessories up for sale! So we dressed up in our Saturday best and head out for some stylish kite flying! We were delighted to see how well the collection translated to the rack without losing its edge!

The jewellery too looked as cool as we remembered and we picked up the perfect pair of head-turning earrings. Have a look at some of the designs below…




The best way to wear these oversized trinkets is with short hair (as seen on Saheefa at fashion week, below) or with tied up hair.



The earrings come with matching cuffs…




And if you still need a reason to get up and visit Generation, here’s some serious endorsement from Mira Sethi, who wore the kites to fashion week…