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We hear so many diverse opinions on ways to clean your face at the end of a full day. We had soap, then facial washes, scrubs, cleansers and the micellar water came around and was being welcomed as the quick solution for lazy girls. What exactly is it?

According to dermatologist Dr. Macrene Alexiades-Armenakas, it all comes down to little molecules called micelles. “Micelles are nano-sized, single-layer fatty bubbles,” explained Dr. Alexiades-Armenakas. “They are able to absorb other fats such as sebum and oils inside.” Consider: though olive oil and balsamic vinegar separate from each other, two oils would blend together. So, by using a lipid to cleanse your skin, the oils on the surface join up and leave you squeaky-clean. (Ref: popsugar)

I received Garnier’s new Micellar Water in the mail two weeks ago and was curious. I am a stickler for skin care and my daily routine consists of a morning regime and of course, an extended night regime. So I started using it, giving it a regular use of two weeks before writing this review.



At the face of it, Garnier’s Micellar water isn’t a very attractive package. It came to me in two forms: a plastic bottle and face wipes. The pink reminded me of Fair & Lovely and Anne French, two products that I have never used because of their characteristics so the association wasn’t too good. So visually the Micellar Water was not too appealing. Also, the water had an unpleasant looking froth floating on the top and that didn’t look good either.



For the first three days I replaced my regular facial cleanser with the Micellar Water and was pleasantly surprised that it did a pretty good job. My skin did feel clean and soft without seeming like it had been stripped of all natural oils. Generally cleansers make it stretchy and dry but the Micellar Water was gentle.



Old habits die hard and while I did go back to my original facial cleanser (lather and water is a habit that is hard to get over), I enjoyed using the Micellar Wipes when I was traveling. They were the perfect, quick cleanse. I must admit that I have always rinsed my face after using the Micellar Water and the Wipes, but then again, that’s just my habit. I don’t feel my skin is clean until I’ve sloshed it with cold water after a cleanse.



Young girls who are too lazy to cleanse. Professionals who are always on the go and have little time to spend pampering their skin; models are especially recommended to keep Micellar Water in their tool kits. All women when traveling can pack the wipes. And ladies with sensitive skin, this is a gentle solution to cleaning it of impurities.



This generous sized, affordable bottle may be the perfect cleansing solution for all women listed above. Those of us used to spending more time and money on our skin may prefer to stick to our choice of Clinique or Estee Lauder but this is an easy and affordable alternative for younger girls, especially those who travel a lot. It is worth a try.