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The crime-drama produced by Sky Atlantic — Gangs of London — was released on 23rd April and is already breaking viewing records. It has brought in 2.23 million viewers for its pilot episode alone, making it Sky Atlantic’s second-biggest drama launch of all time, after Chernobyl and currently, it’s also the channel’s most binge-watched show of 2020 so far.

Our own Asif Raza Mir plays the role of Asif Afridi, an international drug lord from Pakistan in the series. He is a selfish character who is known to unleash violent attacks on any gangs that cross him. He is also the father of a politician who is planning on running for the Mayor of London.

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Gangs of London follows the stories and lives of rival gangs and other criminal organizations in London. It shows how the city falls apart by the power struggles between international gangs that control it and the sudden ambiguous space that emerges when the head of London’s most powerful crime family is assassinated. The series also stars Peaky Blinders actor, Joe cole.


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Cameron Roach, the director at Sky Studios, expressed his excitement about the record-breaking viewership via a statement. “This epic saga, with family at its heart and visceral action-packed fight sequences, has taken audiences on an immersive journey into the underbelly of London’s modern-day criminal underworld,” he said.