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Who are you rooting for?

The new trailer for Game of Thrones season 7 is giving us the biggest adrenaline rush. Twenty minutes into the first episode, we’ll be screaming at the screen and tearing our hair out, but at least we will start to figure out who we really should be rooting for.

With so many decisions and so little time, we thought we’d bring it home and recast Game of Thrones with characters from our very own fashion realm.

So whom will we pledge our loyalties to, and for whom shall we root in the battle to end all battles?


Daenerys Targaryen – Maheen Khan


Well, who else can take the mantle of being the Mother of Dragons other than fashion legend Maheen Khan? She has ruled the kingdom with her army of devoted followers, including the ‘unsullied’ and continues to pull the reins whenever it seems necessary. With her signature hair and the powerful pull over her subjects, nobody can defy that the Queen of the South is someone to reckon with.

 Cersei Lannister – Khadijah Shah


The reigning queen of the seven kingdoms can only be Khadijah Shah. The power, influence, and the fact that everyone secretly fears her (and her business acumen) makes Shah our Cersei Lannister.


Arya Stark – Mahgul


Much like Arya Stark, once considered the underdog, Mahgul has become a powerful force in the fashion kingdom. She can stake a claim to the style throne, like any other contender, and much like Arya Stark, she’s one of the youngest and yet strongest players in the fashion realm.


                    Sansa Stark – Sania Maskatiya


She’s elusive, introverted, and a little docile, but there is just something about this one. Sounds familiar doesn’t it? Sania Maskatiya is our Sansa Stark for very obvious reasons.


Tyrion Lannister – Kamiar Rokni


His charm and wit and being so well read remains unparalleled, and in an alternative world, he’d make a great king. He’s also one of the most brilliant creative minds in fashion and like Tyrion, has trouble being acknowledged for it. The fact that we adore these two geniuses doesn’t hurt either. Who better to be a Tyrion in our reality than Kamiar Rokni?


 Jamie Lannister – HSY

Game of Thrones


The king’s guard and the king’s slayer; we love him, and we hate him, and we love to hate him, but we know deep inside that he has that magic ingredient. The heir to his own kingdom and the partner in several, HSY would definitely make a great Jamie Lannister.


 Melisandre – Fahad Hussayn


The red priestess, or in this case, the priest, would be Fahad Hussyn. With his ‘magic’ on the runway, and his ‘worship’ of the old craft, Fahad can play the role of the visionary so aptly in fashion world.

 Brienne of Tarth – Selina Rashid


Her loyalty to her commitments makes her one of our favorites on the show, which is a big deal considering the serious lack of likeable characters on GoT. In our version of the great games, Selina Rashid Khan would play Brienne of Tarth, who’s loyal, headstrong and always ready to kick some serious butt.

 Stannis Baratheon – Faraz Manan

Game of Thrones


The ‘rightful king’, our kingdom of fashion also features Faraz Manan as Stannis Baratheon. Brooding and serious, both men should rightfully rule the kingdom, and in a fair and just world, they would too.


 Jon Snow – Ali Xeeshan


We know you’ve been waiting for Jon Snow. We award this title to Ali Xeeshan, and before you organize your lynch mob, let us tell you a story. A young man was exiled to a land far away. He paid his dues and worked hard. He rose to a position of power and success. It’s the perfect story of the hero overcoming obstacles, and Ali Xeeshan is our very own Jon Snow.

And finally, the White Walkers

Game of Thrones


They’re cold, scary and the biggest villain of them all. They’ll resurrect whatever dead trend they can find in hopes to stay relevant although let’s give them a slow clap for putting up a great act but then again it’s not 1972 anymore. Somebody download Pinterest on their smart phone before they start screaming “ban them all” again.

Now the question remains, who are you rooting for?