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Amongst the many avant-garde trends that international fashion weeks bring about each year, hair/makeup are forerunners alongside the fashion statements seen. This time however, it’s the headgear that has caught everyone’s eye. Different variations of headscarves, hats and headgear have been seen abundantly on the runway. This combination has made many question if this is a step towards bringing Islamic inclusivity to the runway, and furthermore the fashion world.


modest fashion

Gucci Fall 2018

The hat+headscarves trend was already gathering pace in New York with Calvin Klein and in Milan with Gucci. Now many brands at Paris Fashion Week have adopted it too, making it a common denominator on the runway; the most recent being Chanel. Amongst the fanciful frocks and classic outerwear, Karl Lagerfeld brought out the balaclava, making a statement of his own. Critics have gone on to comment on how this can easily pass as Islamic dressing.


modest fashion

Chanel Fall 2018


Similarly, Lanvin also incorporated everyday hijab looks into their collection to compliment the clothes, in vivid oranges as well as blacks.


modest fashion

Lanvin Fall 2018


Christian Dior show too was a statement of resistance and revolution, as it showcased a uniform of protest which included patchwork peace symbols and looks which featured covered heads. It was a demonstration of feminism, women’s right, modest fashion and so much more.


modest fashio

Dior Fall 2018


Recently, hijab wearing models Halima Aden and Ikram Abdi Omar have made their mark on the catwalk and featuring such modest wear has been regarded as a conscious next step towards inclusivity.