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With FPW’17 Winter/Festive around the corner, we have managed to put together a list of designers we’re eager to see on the runway. Over the next few days we’ll be bringing you exclusive previews from some of the best names on the lineup, assuring you that these are names you should look out for on the runway and in stores.

Sanam Chaudhri is undoubtedly one of the tautest names showing at FPW this year and she’s ready to take on the runway with a collection which will no doubt be distinct yet wearable, which is the designer’s ethos. From eastern to fusion wear, Sanam brings a unique twist that includes playing with trends and adding the right amount of edginess to each piece.


sanam chaudhri

Sanam Chaudhri over the years: (L-R) Fusion 2010 – Bano 2014 – Kage 2012, which was our ultimate favourite!

The designer’s creative range is apparent with the previous collections she has brought forth. From the contemporary wear we saw in Fusion, to the classic elegance of Bano, Sanam Chaudhri is a versatile label.

This season, the designer will bring out Pandora. The name was enough to catch our attention, having taken inspiration from the mythical ‘all-gifted’ character of the same name who possessed an artefact that held all the evils of the world. This collection will range from edgy jackets to fluid skirts and capes, combined with bold colours and embellishments that stand apart and demand to be noticed.


sanam chaudhri

A sneak peak from ‘Pandora’, which will hit the runway on day 2 of FPW W/F17

The designer will be opening the show on day 2, and we can’t wait to see this Pandora’s box unleash on the runway!