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Forbes has released its annual 30 Under 30 Asia List, and it includes nine talented Pakistanis who have made us proud! The list, released on Tuesday, features individuals who have done outstanding work in different fields such as arts, enterprise technology, entertainment and sports, social entrepreneurs, finance and venture capital, healthcare and science, industrial manufacturing and energy, media marketing and advertising, retail and e-commerce.

These nine Pakistanis have been selected through seven entries in the third edition of the annual ‘30 Under 30’ Asia list for their big achievements.

Here are the Pakistanis who have made it to the list:


Momina Mustehsan


The musician was also featured in BBC’s Top 100 women last year and has made it to Forbes this time around. Momina is featured for using her fame and social media following to advocate for social causes important to her, including women’s rights, cyberbullying, and mental health awareness.


Muhammad Asad Raza and Abrahim Shah


These two geniuses have launched Neurostic, a healthcare startup that aims to provide low cost and high-quality wearable and implantable medical devices for the developing world. Their venture also provides prosthetic services for amputees in Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iran, and Syria– places that have limited access to rehabilitation facilities.


Muhammad Shaheer Niazi


This teenage protégée is a full-fledged scientist at the young age of 17! Shaheer’s work has appeared in the prestigious Royal Society Open Science journal. He was also the first to photograph the movement of ions, capturing the charged ions that create the honeycomb; contributing to research in fields like biomedicine.

Adnan Shaffi and Adeel Shaffi


The sibling duo are the founders of PriceOye, a price comparison platform for electronics in second and third-tier cities in Pakistan. Their website has had 805,000 visits in the past month!


Hamza Farrukh


Founder of  Bondh E Shams, Hamza’s solar water project aims to tackle the problem of water scarcity in the most poorly connected areas of Pakistan. The project has set up two solar-powered wells­– the first ever of its kind– to supply clean water to 1,500 residents of a small village in Pakistan.


Syed Faizan Hussain


Faizan is the founder of Perihelion System, which supports products that use technology to better the lives of many. Perihelion’s products include Edu-Aid, a sign language translating software; One Health, a disease surveillance and tracking system used to predict outbreaks and alert health institutions to expedite intervention; and Glove Gauge, wearable technology to facilitate professional production processes such as measurements.


Sadia Bashir


Sadia is a cofounder of the Pixel Art Games Academy, which provides training in game design and production, game programming, digital art and animation to women, and addresses the significant gender gap in the game industry by maintaining a minimum 33% ratio of women. She has also created scholarships for women who want to learn video game development within her academy.