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Sonam Kapoor recently attended an event where she spoke about the #MeToo movement, in particular about a woman who was sexually assaulted by Queen director Vikas Bahl.

However, while talking about the issue, she addressed Queen lead actress Kangana Ranaut’s sexual harassment claim against Bahl in the following words: ““I mean Kangana obviously is Kangana Ranaut and she says a lot of stuff and sometimes it is hard to take her seriously but I love that she has spunk and she says what she believes. And I really respect her for that.”

This obviously didn’t go down well with Kangana who responded harshly to Sonam’s comment. “So, Sonam has the license of trusting some women and some she won’t? What makes her so unsure of my claims, I am known to be an articulate person. She [Sonam] is not known to be a good actress, neither she has the reputation of being a good speaker. What gives these filmy people right to take digs at me! I will demolish each one of them,” she said in a statement.

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Following Kangana’s reaction, Sonam took to Instagram and shared a post urging women to stand together. “Women need to stand together! irresponsible media have misquoted me or taken my quote out of context and made other women react. All I want to say is that all I have is compassion and love for you. I’m proud of where I come from and so should every other woman or man. Let’s stand together and speak up. Let’s not pull each other down with bitterness and negativity. Love is always the answer.”


What do you think? Was Sonam’s comment actually taken out of context or was Kangana justified in reacting the way she did?