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Mahira Khan has managed to stay positive in the limelight, despite all the controversies and her recent interview was yet another example of charming demeanour.

Speaking on BBC’s renowned talk show, HARDtalk, Mahira discussed the ban on her Bollywood debut film Raees and the effect of Verna’s release in Pakistan. However, what struck most from the interview was the revelation the actress made about working in Bollywood.

“Bollywood was never really the aim actually,” Mahira said. “I mean sure you could argue that I could have done more films there, for sure I could have. But right after Raees I had already started working on Verna, even before our artists got banned in India. My focus was always Pakistan.”

Raees, which did not release in Pakistan and became a point-of-no-return for Mahira in India because of the Maharashtra Navnirman Sena’s ultimatum to Pakistani artists, said that people may perceive that it was a ‘big jolt’ to her career, but she has moved on.

“Currently I just feel it’s just something else to be working and be part of this movement of the film industry in Pakistan at the moment,” she said. “Because how I look at it, is that 20 years from now when either my son or today’s kids want to become actors, we would have set this industry for them and they won’t have to struggle so much.”

Mahira currently has two films slated for release this year, 7 Din Mohabbat In and Maula Jatt 2.