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After much hype and anticipation, the first teaser of patriotic telefilm – Laal – has been released. Starring Gohar Rasheed, Bilal Abbas Khan and Kubra Khan in lead roles, the Pakistan Day special will be released on March 23.

Based on the life of Pakistan Navy officer, the trailer gives us a sneak peek into the life of a fisherman’s family where the husband’s character has been played by Saleem Mairaj while Iffat Umer is playing his wife. They have two children and one of them — Yousaf — is his father’s favourite. The other kid is treated as an outsider and we are not sure why. The father scolds him when the kid expresses the desire of not working with him, as he says, “Meray hathoun mein se machliyun ka bou ata ha [my hands stink]”.

The trailer shows the young kid stomping in boots and we wonder if he will grow up to become Behram (played by Bilal Abbas Khan). He also asks his mother, “Yousuf abba ka heera ha tou mein kya hun? [If Yousuf is father’s favourite then who am I?” The response of his mother defines why the telefilm is titled Laal as she says, “Tu tou laal hai, mera laal [You are my precious (as precious as the stone)]”.




In an earlier interview with Something Haute, Gohar Rasheed had revealed that he is playing a Baloch in the telefilm. “The name of my character is Yousuf. It is an intense and sensitive character. Currently I am in the process of learning the Balochi dialect. It is a layered character and it is tricky to touch upon all the right emotions required for playing this role,” he said.

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The first trailer has not shown grown up characters played by the lead and it is still unclear as to what will shape Gohar and Bilal’s journey. However, we are aware that Bilal is set to play sub lieutenant Behram in the telefilm.




Penned by acclaimed writer, Umera Ahmed, Laal has been produced and directed by Haseeb Hassan. It also boasts of a stellar star cast including Iffat Umer, Rasheed Naz, Saleem Mairaj, Adnan Shah Tipu, Adnan Jaffar and debutant Sadia Niazi in pivotal roles.

The telefilm has been produced with support of the Pakistan Navy and will go on air on Geo Television.