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Slowly venturing into digital mediums, Pakistan’s entertainment industry now seems enthusiastic about conquering the world of web. After Wajahat Rauf’s Enaaya, producer Sadia Jabbar has now released her first web series titled Shameless Proposals. 

Directed by Hunny Haroon and written by the O Rangreza writer Saji Gul, this web series aims to create a conversation about the concept of arranged marriages and the process of finding the ‘perfect partner’. Through satire and comedy, the series highlights how women are forced to like a man they know nothing about, yet should marry under an arranged setting.


Shameless Proposals


The first episode of the series titled Macho Man “Say No to Physical Violence” is a satirical comment on men with fragile masculinity who resort to physical violence and are conditioned to believe it is ok. In the series where the protagonist will meet seven suitors, the first one is a man who has a bulky body like Salman Khan and has normalized physical violence in his household. Whether it is his parents or sister, they’ve all been subjected to his violent outbursts and are looking for a submissive girl who can tolerate his behaviour.

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It comments on the social misconception of marriage; two people vow to always make each other miserable and whether it is a love or arranged marriage, it is vital to always be on each other’s nerves. The writer Saji Gul has eloquently addressed many social evils without offending anyone. Furthermore, the episode highlights the demands of a man who wants a subservient wife who tolerates not only his violence but also his extramarital affairs.


Shameless Proposals


The episode ends on a positive note where the girl states everything that is wrong with this proposal. She clarifies that she wants a life partner who considers her equal in everything and respects her, not oppresses her.

The series, although not on par in terms of production value, is highlighting the grim reality of our society and deserves to be appreciated. It is important to commend filmmakers who take such bold steps to educate people and Shameless Proposals does that effectively.

Watch the first episode and let us know what you think: