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We’ve said this before. And we’ll say it again. Celebrities who are socially responsible are our favourite. While big fat Pakistani weddings have a great contribution towards the third wave of coronavirus, several celebrities have proved to set an example by hosting small and simple weddings that fit the SOPs. Filmmaker Aisha  Linnea recently got married and shared details about her ‘perfect day’

She announced her marriage in an Instagram post, sharing details about her wedding.

“I got married earlier this year in a tiny ceremony held in my parent’s garden. It was extremely liberating in terms of time, money and stress not to have to plan the perfect day for months on end, I had around ten days to plan this event and pretty much went with whatever was easiest and made most sense, “Aisha shared.



She shared that she had simple clothes made to match a dupatta her mother-in-law already had for her. She did not invest in a makeup artist and choose to do her makeup herself.

“I didn’t feel the need to strive for perfection because I already knew it would be perfect based on the person I was choosing to marry,” she wrote adding that the intimate setting allowed them to write meaningful vows and speak freely.

“The only people in attendance were our wonderful nuclear families, my husband’s nano and two of our closest friends. We wept and laughed and wept some more and it really was the happiest day imaginable.”

Aisha also shared that her husband is not on Instagram.. “So don’t go searching!” she concluded.