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In the ongoing era of fitness, almost every other actor is seen focusing on intense workout routines and vigorous diets to maintain their well-being. One of the many such stars seen today – often via his many gym selfies – is Feroze Khan! Always on top of his fitness game, Feroze revealed to us the motivation behind his training and the importance of an expert trainer!

“My trainer Amigo Abdul Majid is a man of God, of set priorities, of honesty and of focus. Due to crazy work hours, I end up missing a lot of training sessions, which also leads me to heightened stress. I start overthinking, reacting quickly, getting angry and impatient and it just puts me in a bad mood,” Feroze elaborated.

“This guy helps me channel my energy and makes me understand that it’s all fine, we need to keep our eyes open and we need to know how to throw our punches in the right place, only when needed. He teaches me how to utilise my time and energy; he teaches me how to maintain the right balance when there’s a battle. And I get on track just like that. So a huge shout out to the legend Amigo Abdul Majid. Thank you for everything!”

Have a look at Feroze and his trainer in an intense kickboxing session: