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If you think about cinema in 2016 and films that did exceptionally well, not many make the cut. However, there has been a spate of rising stars and out of all of them, the breakthrough artist of 2016 is undoubtedly Feroze Khan. He came in the picture with the popular drama Gul e Rana and then rose to fame with Zindagi Kitni Haseen Hai. The film did not do so well but established Feroze as a hero to look out for. It also did one more thing – it paired Sajal with Feroze and began the rumour mill that they were a couple. Their jodi, as most of you know, goes back to Gul e Rana.

Whether Feroze and Sajal were/are a couple is their personal life but what happened on Instagram is some serious stalking. And following their apparent fall-out, Feroze’s fans and followers noticed and questioned why he had ‘unfollowed’ her on Instagram. So, when we sat down to chat yesterday, we – entirely for the benefit of our readers – questioned Feroze on the objectionable ‘unfollowing’!

He first explained how close Sajal and he were and how he would always be there for her, and then he explained how he had “accidentally” unfollowed her. It was not deliberate and definitely not out of malice or a falling out. He said that he felt they were under the microscope and though it had become a bit too much at times, he had Sajal remained best of friends and allowed nothing between their dosti for each other.

And then he followed her back, on record, for us to witness. This should put all rumours and speculation to rest!