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TV serial Khaani, extremely popular and soaring at the top of charts these days, is at a point where one consistently asks the same question over and over again. Mir Hadi, the villain-turned-antihero-turned-tragic hero, has fallen in love with Khaani, the young girl whose brother he recklessly shot dead in episode one. It’s easy to understand his obsession with this seemingly defiant damsel in distress but would it be fair to expect her to reciprocate? That’s the million-dollar question. While a typical love story would end in a happy ending for the two, reality may be very different.

I got in touch with Feroze Khan to ask him, realistically, could Khaani forgive Mir Hadi?

“I personally don’t think Hadi should be forgiven for what he’s done, be it for any given reason,” he replied, without a moment of hesitation.

Was it even possible for a woman fall in love with her brother’s qaatil, I persisted?

“I don’t think a woman ever should in such a case,” he replied. “But then it depends on person to person and they say love is blind.”

Did he just indicate that she would? He refrained from giving away anything from the plot.

Okay, I asked, would he call Mir Hadi a villain or a hero?

“I wouldn’t call Hadi a hero for sure. Let’s just say Mir Hadi is a character and that’s all.”

How did he prepare for the role? Was there any real life character that he took inspiration from?

“I read the script a lot of times and looked into the character really closely,” he explained. “When ‘my parents’ Mahmood Saab and Saman Ansari were filming, I would just go on set and be around them, even if the scene didn’t involve me. I wanted to integrate in the situation. I’d say that the way Mir Hadi turned out is because of teamwork. We all worked together and it shows.”

How would he compare Gul e Rana, in terms of success, with Khaani?

“I’d say Gul e Rana has been my break through and Khaani has just intensified the stamp for me as a performer. The critical acclaim and the response worldwide is proving Khaani to be a mega boost in my career right now for sure. I’m reading reports that it has broken/made quite some records already and it’s just the beginning. So Allhumdullilah. Booming!”