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With just one episode left, drama serial Khaani has torn fans right in the middle. Realists are demanding that justice be served and Mir Hadi hanged for his crimes, but let’s be honest; there aren’t many realists around right now. They’ve all been overshadowed by Mir Hadi and Feroze Khan fans and they’re the kind that kept sending emails last month to forgive Mir Hadi because “Ramzan maafi ka maheena hota hai.”

Fans have good reason to be fawning over the star; as far as Feroze Khan is concerned, his character portrayal of Mir Hadi is brilliant. Whether it was his aura of entitlement or his hysterical obsession with Sanam Khan, his newfound Zen at the shrine or his lack of control and complete helplessness when reading his father’s parting letter in jail, Feroze Khan has nailed the character.



One wondered how this character would end up and also how intimidating the process of filming the finale was. Working at the Central Jail, Karachi could not have been easy.

“You have no idea. Not even slightest,” Feroze said, when we asked.

“We shot there for sixteen hours a day for several days and by the time I got done shooting I was really not myself. It took me days to recover mentally.”

Feroze also spoke about the physical challenges of shooting in Central Jail.

“There was no proper toilet, no network, no food that you would want to eat. It was a real time cage. But I didn’t eat at all because I didn’t want to look like I was properly fed. I had to look emaciated.”

Did he have a message Feroze wanted to send out to his fans?

“I’ve been literally blessed with the huge response that I’ve got with Khaani,” he said. “I truly believe hard work pays off and it wasn’t just mine it was everyone involved in the game. I want to thank every single fan out there for their effort of taking Khaani where it has come. We’ve made history. We’ve all set the bar so high that I hope I can touch it and beat myself again. It wasn’t my show. It was Awam’s show.

Is there anything he could tell us about the ending, as there was just one episode left?

“I just hope there are people who’ve gotten a lesson out of this, one way or the other.”