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Who run the world? Well, women! It’s 2021 and women have proven that they can excel in any field. They can start businesses, lead projects and do almost anything they are determined to do. Even our female actors and models are on a mission to go beyond the image that society has set for them.

If you talk about the entertainment industry, many actors and models have made a seamless transition from screens and runway stars to real-life businesswomen.

Here are some A-list female actors and models who have transitioned into successful entrepreneurs.


Mahira Khan



Superstar Mahira Khan turned into a producer this year and launched her production company Soul Fry Films in partnership with another superwoman, Nina Kashif. Great things happen when women unite and this is exactly what we’re hoping for! Together they are producing a web series titled Baarwan Khiladi.



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Mahira also runs online publication Mashion which is defined as the go-to destination for the new age Pakistani woman to get her daily dose on anything and everything she cares about.


Urwa Hocane and Mawra Hocane



Actors Urwa Hocane and Mawra Hocane are two sisters who make an incredibly good team! Their brand UXM is not just any other brand, it’s an extension of their sisterhood that embraces all who love and support them unconditionally!

From apparel to iconic jewelry, targeting younger girls and strong women, the UXM brand plays strongly on the coolness factor.



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Apart from this, Urwa Hocane has also ventured into production with her upcoming film Tich Button.


Ayesha Omar



VJ turned actor, Ayesha Omar recently revealed that she has been working on something very close to her heart. She will be launching her skincare brand on the 8th of March which is also International Women’s Day.

There are two main reasons Ayesha chose this day for launching her new venture, her affinity towards the number 8, and the fact it is Women’s Day and she wanted to celebrate strong women, like her own mother.

“Embrace the nature of who you are. Let’s return to ourselves with Ayesha O Beauty,” states the brand’s philosophy.




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Saheefa Jabbar



Model turned actor Saheefa Jabbar Khattak is making sure she leaves no stones unturned when it comes to exploring her professional options. After proving herself in the entertainment industry, she established herself as an entrepreneur.

Saheefa along with her husband, Khawaja Khizer Hussain has launched her very own fashion label — Evervanna — that focuses on minimal, basic everyday wear.

Evervanna is an extension of her experience in Pakistani fashion industry and an expression to contribute to the field further.



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Mushk Kaleem



Mushk Kaleem has been ruling the Pakistani modeling industry for a while. She has now ventured into business with a range of scented candles.

The entrepreneur recently introduced Musk by Mushk. Potential buyers have the option to choose from the following scents: Wild Mulberry, Coffee Vanilla, Lavender, Jasmine Citrus, Woodfire, and Cherry Blossom.



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