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It’s difficult to be objective when you’re talking about Fawad Khan but we can try. Having a plethora of roles to choose from hasn’t been an easy task, but we have narrowed it down to a few Fawad Khan roles that we absolutely loved watching! From comedy, to action – this guy really s in the process of doing it all. In no particular order, here are our favourite FK roles!

Zindagi Gulzar Hai

This can’t be a surprising choice. Zindagi Gulzar Hai has been hugely popular and of course, a lot of the credit (not all) goes to Fawad. Initially, when you start watching the show, Fawad comes across as rude and obnoxious. But eventually, as the play progresses, you start to love Zaroon, who gets mature and wise as he gets older. Only Fawad could have made us love a disliked character! Somehow, he also starts looking better towards the second half of the play. We guess the personality really does contribute to a person’s looks.

Jutt and Bond

This is the TV series that started it all. J&B is the very show that brought Fawad to the forefront, playing the character of Bond, who has just come to Pakistan from London. He was ridiculous and goofy – there was nothing Fawad didn’t do to get laughs from the audience and he proved that he has fantastic comic timing.


Humsafar is the show that found the chemistry between Mahira Khan and Fawad. It’s also the show that propelled them to super stardom. Therefore, both their performances on the show were magical. Fawad was (initially) the perfectly loving husband; which woman didn’t want to be married to Ashar? He was attractive even when he turned mean and shakki. Aunties were glued to their TV screens for the entirety of the show because of he chemistry between Mahira and Fawad. He was so absolutely convincing in Humsafar that this is one of our most favourite performances of him.


This was his big Bollywood debut, and what a debut it was. Fawad really knows how to make an appearance. He stole the show in a film where he wasn’t the main attraction. Also, Fawad went the extra mile to make sure his physical appearance was worked on to the last inch because of that shirtless scene. His performance in Khoobsurat made all of India fall in love with him and there has been no looking back for the star since then.

Kapoor and Sons

Fawad was memorable in this movie for a different reason than what he usually is famous for. While most of his fans (women) remember him for his looks and charm, Kapoor and Sons was memorable because he delivered a stellar performance against some veteran names in Bollywood. Also, his role was a difficult one-portraying homosexuality. That couldn’t have been easy and we’re pretty sure many actors must have been reluctant to play such a character. But Fawad did it flawlessly.

Khuda Kay Liye

Here is another instance where Fawad rose to the occasion. Khuda Kay Liye was a big hit and many consider it to be the film that brought about the revival of the Pakistani film industry. The topic was controversial and difficult, with Fawad playing the character of a religious extremist. We’ve also heard that this role was first offered to Ali Zafar, who refused. Eventually Fawad got the role and he did full justice to it. He confronted people with the dark and ugly reality of the war on terror and the repercussions of it.

Upcoming: ADHM

And finally, the one role that we all are impatiently waiting for is his upcoming stint in Karan Johar’s Ae Dil Hai Mushkil. Will we love Fawad in this film as well? So far, people are already going crazy even though they know that his role has lesser screen time in the film and he was barely featured for a few seconds in the teaser. Goes to show the power of Fawad and the place he has made for himself in Pakistan and beyond. More power to you Fawad!