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He’s one of the three judges on the panel of Pepsi Battle of the Bands and seeing him on the set, guitar in hand and a melody hovering around him is just a reminder that there is more to Fawad Khan than meets the eye. What meets the eye these days, however, is a newly shaved Khan – he’s lost the beard for now – and is happily adapted to his new role as judge and mentor to the promising new bands that are competing in Pepsi Battle of the Bands 2017.

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“These guys are very serious about their music and frankly speaking, I was very surprised,” Fawad spoke to us behind the scenes. “This is a whole new level and we’re getting to hear some great stuff. To be very honest when you come on stage you are nervous, anyone would be, but these guys have blown me away.”

“I think no one is a winner or a loser in this game,” he continued.

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We caught the star jamming backstage

What were the elements that he thought every band needed to be successful, I asked him.

“Things have changed since 2002,” he said, “but if there’s one thing that I’d say to anyone, it’s just keep your head down. Keep doing what you’re doing. You can get carried away very easily. That’s the only thing. And if you can do that then you have a winning combination.”

“Their sound is their charisma,” he said. “These guys are serious about their music and they don’t need anything else. I’d love to hear these guys come up with singles and then albums.”

Has being part of this process reignited an old flame for music?

“Right now it’s all about these kids,” he responded. “But of course, I am excited and it has brought back great memories. But it’s premature to say anything. At the moment I’m reinvigorated by just watching these guys. This could be the catalyst needed.”