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Director Akshat Verma has revealed that the makers of the upcoming comedy Kaalakaandi starring Saif Ali Khan, had initially approached Fawad Khan to play the lead role.

The film that has gone through a turbulent journey, was first under UTV Motion Pictures who were in talks with Fawad to play the role, which is now being played by Saif.

“Fawad was supposed to be one of the actors we talked to when the project was with UTV. It was around 2013… He was going to play the role Saif plays. But ultimately everything happens for a reason and for the best. No one could have done the role better than Saif,” Akshat revealed.



Kaalakaandi chronicles the story of six characters from Mumbai in a span of 12 hours and how the lives of these complete strangers, intersect. Akshat claimed his “instinct for Saif was right” as he had written the film keeping him in mind.

Regarding the turbulent making of Kaalakaandi, Akshat said, it took him nearly a year to write the script but the project went through “a mad roller coaster ride… It is common knowledge that the film was earlier with UTV. We were about to shoot but four days before that, the project was shut down. After that things fell apart, we had to put it together again. Everything takes time.”