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First let’s state the obvious; the lean ethereal built of a model has been desired by any and every one. Contrary to popular belief, models do eat and just like all of us mere mortals, they also give into their cravings for carbs and junk foods every now and then. Yes, we are all shocked too. So why shouldn’t we ask our super models, what exactly curbs their cravings and what foods are on top of the agendas on their cheat days? Guilt be gone, here’s what’s on their menu…

Mehreen Syed

The reigning queen of the catwalk Mehreen Syed spoke to us when we asked her what makes her ditch the healthy diet and for this supermodel it’s a big tub of Belgium ice cream. “My post fashion week ritual is me getting in bed with a tub of Belgium ice cream and not stopping until I’ve finished it all up,” she told us. It’s unbelievable, but then again, who can resist ice cream and now with a super model endorsement, we’re feeling rather adventurous, to say the least.



Fashion models DO eat and here’s exactly what!

“I have found myself obsessed with cooking teenday and chawal. It’s my new guilty pleasure and I love my new evening ritual and it tastes amazing.” Well Miss Cybil, if that’s what keeps you looking so perfect every time, we’re advising everyone to dig into a tub of teenday and chawal every night too.



Sadaf Kanwal

“Anything fried is really awesome!” says Sadaf. “Nuggets, French fries even Oreos, anything greasy works.” Sadaf is one of the first few models that have successfully transitioned from modeling to the big screen. She’s blazed the runway and now she’s all set to fire up the cinema and if she’s greasing it up and still looking so gorgeous, I feel our food guilt can take a back seat too.



Alyzeh Gabol

“Asians are always big on carbs; we need them to keep ourselves sane,” Alyzeh says. “My guilty obsession is a BIG MAC with extra cheese and a big jug of Coke. It’s like going to the spa after an exhausting day at a really long shoot.” Alyzeh Gabol and her flawless charm on the catwalk is what keeps the head turning and now we know what makes her head turn. Who says models don’t eat?



Amna Babar

Amna Babar is face of some of the country’s biggest brands like Sana Safinaz, Umar Sayeed and Ali Xeeshan; the gorgeous beauty is brand ambassador for their couture and lawn so what makes her throw her diet out the window? “Daal chawal and gol gappay always get me excited,” she replied. “It’s the best”