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After announcing his upcoming film Kaaf Kangana as his next film project after Punjab Nahi Jaungi, it seems Khalil ur Rehman Qamar’s casting coup has made more news than anything else.

According to Instep, after Sohai Ali Abro, Urwa Hocane and Farhan Saeed too, have left the project in the lurch. Thus, the film will now feature Sami Khan and model turned actor Eshal Fayyaz in lead roles instead.

“Eshal Fayyaz will be playing the lead opposite Sami Khan, who was part of the project since the beginning,” he told Instep on the sidelines of a recent event. “We have begun shooting for it; 30 percent of the shoot is done and we plan to release it on Eid ul Azha this year.”

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Previously, Urwa Hocane had announced that this was going to be Urwa and Farhan’s ‘big debut’ together on the silver screen, and the director too had confirmed that his first choice for the film had always been the pair.

“Earlier Farhan was there but unluckily he is not there anymore,” the acclaimed writer-director said.

Aside from Kaaf Kangana, Khalil ur Rehman is also writing another film for Humayun Saeed, which will be directed by Nadeem Baig.